23rd IFIP/SOCOLNET Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises







The term “digitalization” represents a major ongoing transformation in industry and services where the adoption and integration of a large variety of novel information and communication technologies leads to more efficient, flexible, agile and sustainable systems. 

Digitalization became one of the key aspects of Industry 4.0. Current trends towards Industry 5.0 introduce a complementary view, targeting a sustainable, human-centric, and resilient industry. The notion of Society 5.0 represents an even more comprehensive strategy on science, technology and innovation aiming a people-centric super-smart society. 

As demonstrated in recent editions of PRO-VE, collaborative networks play a central role in these transformative processes. In fact, such ambitious goals can only be achieved through collaboration among multiple stakeholders, collaboration among intelligent / autonomous systems, and collaboration among human and systems. 

To be held in Lisbon, Portugal from 19-21 September 2022, PRO-VE 2022 aims to be a forum for sharing and discussing current developments and experiences regarding the role of collaborative networks in digitalization as well as identifying and discussing challenges ahead towards a collaborative Society 5.0. 

Contributions are invited from multiple and diverse disciplines both as Engineering, Managerial and Socio-Human sciences: industrial engineering, computer science, manufacturing, organization science, logistics, management, and social sciences, among others. This wide array of disciplines will allow to fuel both the interdisciplinary nature of the research and development on Collaborative Networks, as well as the multidisciplinary sharing spirit of the PRO-VE Working Conferences.

Topics include: 

  • AI and digital transformation for collaborative systems 
  • Distributed cognition in collaborative systems 
  • Collaborative, resilient, and sustainable business models and production systems 
  • Collaborative business ecosystems 
  • Cyber-physical systems and their applications in CNs 
  • Value creation and impact of collaborative networks 
  • Smart collaborative logistics and transportation networks 
  • Human-machine collaboration 
  • Hybridisation of collaboration – organisations, people, machines, systems 
  • Agility, resilience, and sustainability of networked organisations 
  • Human-centric and resilient collaborative systems 
  • Industry 5.0, Agriculture 5.0, Healthcare 5.0, and Society 5.0 
  • Ethics, security, and trust 
  • Collaborative digital innovation hubs 
  • Applications and case studies in multiple fields 


  • Special Session Submission March 5, 2022 
  • Abstract Submission March 19, 2022 
  • Full paper submission April 16, 2022 
  • Acceptance notification May 28, 2022 
  • Camera ready copy June 11, 2022 
  • PRO-VE 22 September 19-21, 2022

The conference proceedings will be published by Springer, IFIP AICT series, submitted to be indexed by Scopus, Web of Science, and DBLP. Evaluation of papers is double-blind and based on full text, considering original scientific and technological contribution. However, prospective authors should also submit a short abstract to the conference in advance, in order to check if the proposed topic fits within the conference scope.