IFIP, the International Federation for Information Processing, has confirmed plans to stage its flagship event, the World Computer Congress 2018, at Poznań in Poland from 17-21 September next year.

To be held at the Poznań University of Technology, the multi-faceted event has attracted strong support from Poland’s Ministry of Digital Affairs and the Mayor of Poland.

In 2018, the World Computer Congress will be an umbrella event under which a broad selection of specialised events will be co-located.

So far, 14 conferences and events have committed to operating in parallel with World Computer Congress 2018, in addition to the IFIP General Assembly and Technical Assembly meetings, and this list is expected to grow in coming months.

  • IIFIP TC-9 Human Choice and Computers Conference
  • IFIP TC-11 Information Security and Privacy Conference
  • IFIP TC-14 Int. Conf. Entertainment Computing
  • IFIP TC-5 Int. Conf. Computer Applications in Technology
  • IFIP DC Conf. on IT in Disaster Risk Reduction
  • IFIP WG 8.1 Conference on Practice of Enterprise Modeling
  • IFIP TC-10 International Embedded Systems Symposium
  • IFIP TC-12 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations
  • IFIP WG 13.2 International Conference on Human-Centered Software Engineering
  • IFIP Working Groups’ sessions & tracks (History of Computing)
  • Beyond Databases, Architectures and Structures (BDAS)
  • Congress of the Polish Computer Science
  • Information Security Education for a Global Digital Society (WISE)
  • Business to Science – Science to Business (B2S2B)

World Computer Congress 2018 will provide a unique opportunity to hear from experts in industry and research about the latest developments, methodologies and applications of technology from around the world.  

Content will focus around the areas of Networks and Hardware, Software, Security, Data Science and Social Aspects of Information Technologies, with material delivered through a range of keynotes, presentations, workshops, panels and competitions.

Located on the Warta River in Western Poland, Poznań is one of the nation’s oldest and largest cities, known for its historical buildings and excellent universities. Visitors should make time to visit the Old Market Square where the Town Hall houses the Historical Museum and a unique clock featuring mechanical goals that butt heads 12 times at noon. These goats form the basis of the WCC2018 logo.

For more information about WCC 2018, visit http://wcc2018.put.poznan.pl