Paris will be the venue for a workshop on 2nd November 2019 exploring “Artificial Intelligence and Women Empowerment”. 

This meeting will build upon work done by a number of partners concerning: 

  • gender issues in teaching computing, 
  • fair representation of women, and more broadly, 
  • the impact of AI on the United Nations Sustainable development goals (

These questions correspond to the 5th SDG and how AI can both increase the effect of bias or correct it, depending on the way in which it is deployed.

Discussions during the workshop will address a number of issues and consider present projects relating to the workshop theme.

Professor Bhavani Rao, Director of the Amrita Robotics Lab (Amrita University) and holder of the UNESCO Chair on “Women Empowerment and Gender Equality”, will present on initiatives in India while other European researcher will share their views and discuss their respective projects.

Registration to the workshop is free but compulsory for logistic reasons. Please visit for more information and to register.