NCS Holds Artificial Intelligence Summit

Over the years, the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) has been consistently developing and promoting the adoption of emerging technologies for enhancing national development. 

As part of the series of capacity building and developmental programs aimed at transforming Nigeria through digital innovations, NCS held its first edition of Artificial Intelligence Summits in collaboration with the Nasarawa State Government from 23–25 March 2022.

The President of Nigeria Computer Society, Professor Adesina S. Sodiya has called on Nigerians to leverage Artificial Intelligence for the economic growth of the country.

According to Professor Sodiya, “Artificial intelligence has been implemented across the globe to enhance the processes and activities of both public and private organisations, with countries and business now leveraging the technology. Integrating AI in Government would trigger numerous activities such as better policy formulation, efficient decision making, enhanced quality of service and increased work output in promoting good government.”

The Summit featured:

  • Hands-on technical workshops
  • Exhibitions and Demonstrations
  • Discussion forum on AI4D
  • Start-up AI Challenge

Smart, Secure and Sustainable Nation S3N22 Calls for Papers

The NCS International Conference is an annual event organised to bring together IT industry icons, decision makers, CEOs, government, academia and other industry experts from within and outside Nigeria to brainstorm on current national and global developmental issues. 

With an average of 2,000 delegates each year, the International Conference has become the largest gathering of IT Professionals in Africa. Through the International Conference over the years, NCS has championed and promoted IT development in Nigeria. The International Conference also features exhibitions of various IT products that are of benefit to both government and industry.

NCS welcomes authors and speakers to be part of the S3N22 – The 2022 International Conference on Smart, Secure and Sustainable Nation is scheduled from 2-4 August 2022. For more information or to register your interest, visit the conference website.

NCS Launches TIDP Tech-Innovation Development Program

As part of a series of programs to promote innovation and research in Nigeria, the NCS has introduced the Tech-Innovation Development Program (TIDP) to support the development of innovative ideas in IT.  

The Tech-Innovation Development program is available to individuals in private or public organisations who are willing to conduct developmental research and development that leads to innovative solutions, tools and technologies designed to enhance the growth of the nation.