IT Professionals New Zealand (formerly the NZ Computer Society) is leading a consortium of 13 tech bodies in New Zealand to bring together the country’s largest independent industry-focused computing conference, ITx 2018.

ITx 2018 is actually an umbrella for 13 separate tech conferences, all held together in July this year under a single roof in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city. The conference encompasses sub-themes of Innovation, Technology and Education, and features nine simultaneous streams over three days with different conferences running for different periods over the time.

The consortium includes ITPNZ (as the sector’s professional body and IFIP member) alongside the country’s two vendor bodies, the local ITSMF and PMI chapters, the NZ open source society, and a number of other niche computing and tech-related bodies. Most have a professional or industry focus, however ITx also includes New Zealand’s largest general computing academic conference, CITRENZ 2018.

This is the third time ITPNZ has run ITx in New Zealand, and it’s a great case study on collaboration between professional and industry associations.

Members and staff of IFIP member organisations are warmly invited and can attend ITx 2018 at the same rate as ITPNZ members – simply contact ITPNZ directly to receive this rate.

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