NCS Stages 2023 International Conference 

The 2023 International Conference of the Nigeria Computer Society will be hosted in the serene city of Bauchi, Bauchi State, Nigeria. With the theme of Communications and e-Systems for Economic Stability, the event will be held from 8-10 August 2023.

Attracting an average 2,000 delegates each year, the International Conference has become the largest gathering of IT Professionals in Africa, enabling NCS to champion and promote IT development in Nigeria. 

The Conference provides a platform for networking opportunities, co-creation and collaboration, sharing experiences, mentorship and knowledge circulation along with stimulating conversations on emerging technology. It also features exhibitions of various IT products of benefit to both the government and the industry.

Government policymakers, business leaders, academics, IT professionals and practitioners from across Nigeria and the Diaspora will explore contemporary issues of relevance to national development and sustainability, framework development and setting goals for best practices.

The Conference will encompass rich sub-themes ranging from intelligent cities, e-Governance, e-Health and Smart Securities, as well as featuring the NCS Technology Innovation Show, annual IT Competition for students in secondary schools and higher institutions in Nigeria and an Induction of NCS Professional Members.

Professor Adesina Simon Sodiya, NCS President said that attending NCS Conferences is a great way to increase one’s professional and academic ratings.

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NCS 2023 Cybersecurity Forum & Workshop

The National Open University of Nigeria, Abuja played host to the NCS 2023 Cybersecurity Forum and Workshop from 10-12 May 2023. 

NCS organised this stakeholders’ forum to provide a reliable platform for critical analysis to provide reliable solutions to Nigeria’s Cyber Security Challenges. Experts from various aspects of the economy such as financial institutions, regulatory agencies, government, corporations, telcos, IT professionals, security experts and law enforcement agencies all took part in the Forum. 

Key talking points encompassed financial fraud, cyber attacks, social engineering, cyber security education, national cyber security strategies, regulation and ethics, youths and social media, fake news and hate speech. 


AI and Data Science for Smart Business Management 

NCS will hold a workshop on AI and Data Science for Smart Business Management in Lagos from 7-9 June 2023. The event aims to provide essential skills and advanced knowledge in the fields of AI and Data Science, especially as they apply to business and government processes, as well as other domains. 

AI is a revolutionary technology that can learn on its own by analysing and discovering patterns in massive amounts of (big) data. It is the theory and practice of building machines capable of performing tasks that seem to require intelligence. AI currently includes cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning (AI), Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Deep Learning (DL) and so on.

Data Science, on the other hand, is a dependent domain, upon which AI relies. It is a field of study that deals with vast volumes of data using modern tools and techniques to find unseen patterns, derive meaningful information and actionable insights to guide business decisions. Data Science requires the usage of both unstructured and structured data, using complex Machine Learning algorithms to build predictive models.  It involves extracting, analysing, visualising, managing and storing data to create insights to help organisations make powerful data-driven decisions. 

The workshop will provide a platform for developing expertise in applying AI and big data technologies for enhanced service delivery, robust market analysis, improved sales, reliable business decisions, efficient project management and responsible customer support.