Cyber Security Forum and Workshop

Current local and international reports indicate that cyber attacks in Nigeria are still on the increase even though many incident in Nigeria are not reported. Today, individuals, governments and corporate organisations are losing huge sum of money and properties as a result of cyber attacks. The threat landscape continues to change rapidly and attacks are increasing in intensity and sophistication. It is also believed that this trend will continue in the near future.

The potentials and trends of cyber attacks have also taken another dimension since the current pandemic (Covid-19) has forced many individuals, governments and corporate organisations to move most of their operations and activities online. Consequently, a concerted effort is needed to enhance cyber security in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) has a core mandate to support the government in the realisation of a safe and secure deployment and use of IT resources. NCS intends to make this Stakeholders’ Meeting a pungent platform for analysing the situation critically and provide reliable solutions to Nation’s Cyber Security challenges. Experts from various aspects of the economy has been invited to lead discussions at the meeting. NCS remains committed to IT Development in Nigeria and has scheduled many programmes geared towards addressing the factors mitigating efficient use of IT for leapfrogging development.

  • Forum and workshop dates – 8-10 June 2022
  • Venue – National Open University, Abuja



The emergence of connected cities and data-driven nations is making planning and decision-making easier at the global level. Different studies have ranked Africa low in adopting technology to build a safe, secure, and sustainable economy. At the heart of technology driving innovation is data and citizen engagement.   

In transforming Nigeria to meet future demand, we must use technology to create a more sustainable and liveable present and secure future for our citizens. We must change our approach and challenge the status quo. Our quest for innovation leveraging research and development must increase. We must develop effective strategies to achieve a Smart, Secure, and Sustainable Nation.

The government, citizens and the business environment must invest in relevant technologies to compete in the global space. This approach requires the right team with new mindsets and skills. The 2022 International Conference on “ Smart, Secure, and Sustainable Nation (S3N’22) will bring together policymakers within the government, business leaders, members of academia, professionals and practitioners to deliberate on broad social, economic and technology trends relevant to the development and sustainability of Nigeria.

With an average of 2,000 delegates, the International Conference has become the largest gathering of IT Professionals in Africa. Through the International Conference over the years, NCS has been able to champion and encourage IT development in Nigeria. The International Conference also features exhibitions of various IT products that are of benefit to both the government and the industry.

  • Conference dates – 2-4 August, 2022
  • Venue: Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

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