The Royal Dutch Association of Computer and Information Professionals (KNVI) has released three new books exploring the latest research into the areas of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and COVID-29 Apps. 

Each book is available as a free gift to IFIP Members and all international IT professionals.

The compilations all explore multidisciplinary aspects of the areas of focus and are accordingly titled:

  • Multidisciplinary Aspects of Blockchain;
  • Multidisciplinary Aspects of Artificial Intelligence; and 
  • Multidisciplinary Aspects of COVID-19 Apps.

In the 1980s, we argued that computer scientists should be aware of the legal framework of their diligent work, while lawyers should gain knowledge of electronic data processing. 

Today it goes without saying that, in addition to technical knowledge, organisational science, and business administration, digital law is increasingly making its mark on both the design and deployment of digital products, services, and processes. 

From software law to privacy law, from digital security regulations to incident reporting obligations, or take the legislation for doing business in the Digital Single Marker of the European Union. In addition, new criteria are constantly emerging. Calls for transparency, such as the review of algorithms, are more frequent and louder, especially in regards to online platforms and E-government applications, as well as the social embedding of IT. And artificial intelligence should only be “human-centric”. 

This special series is based on the necessity that digitisation requires a broad approach and at the same time follows the line that law is not in place for lawyers, but focuses on that part of society that tries to regulate it. In other words: both valuable and accessible information for professionals, executives, and politicians. 

The most recent publication — “Multidisciplinary Aspects of COVID-19 Apps” — offers insights into the State of IT and the Digital Society in response to the dilemmas, choices, and controversies that arise which occur at contact tracing applications. The new book became available at the end of 2021, while the earlier published books of the series are still available. 

According to KNVI Co-President, Wouter Bronsgeest, “We happily offer these books to all IFIP members, free of charge. All authors participate in the public interest which also applies to the co-editors-in-chief. Thanks to everyone who has made the series possible, including authors, editors, and the publisher, deLex,” he said. 

All three books can be downloaded here.