IFIP contributed to the recent AI and Big Data for Innovation Summit organised by Knowledge 4 Innovation (K4I). The event on 6-7 March featured a presentation by the Chair of IFIP TC12 (AI), Eunika Mercier-Laurent, as part of a session on “AI for Sustainability”. 

Facilitated by Roland Strauss (K4I), the session comprised the following presentations:

  1.  How can AI help achieving some of 17 UN SD goals?  (Eunika Mercier-Laurent)
  2. Contribution of IA to Water resources management in the context of global changes (Abel Henriot, BRGM)
  3. Earth Observation meets Machine Learning for agricultural and environmental monitoring (Dino Ienco, INRAE)

The session prompted some very interesting discussion with the participation of MEPs (Members of Parliament), researchers, companies and AI start-ups.

The presentations are available on request.

Another event composed of several presentation was Climate Engineering elaborated by Delft University.