The Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) has announced that it now recognises a Professional Engineer, Japan (P.E. Jp) where the technical discipline is Information Engineering (Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Systems & Data Engineering, Information Network Engineering). The qualification will be registered as a Certified IT Professional (CITP) accredited by IP3.

If the registered P.E. Jp can formally prove CPD (continuing professional development) and periodical updates of their certification, they can also use the proof for CPD and periodical re-certification to CITP.

IPSJ and the Institute of Professional Engineers, Japan have developed an agreement in order to implement this arrangement.

IPSJ expects to develop a professional community of IT professionals by collaborating with other related societies like IPE.

IP3 has welcomed the announcement and encourages IP3-accredited national societies in other regions to engage in similar partnership arrangements.