IP3 is working on plans for an annual award to recognise professionalism and ethics at the highest level.

The IFIP IP3 David O’Leary award from REDDS Capital was named in honour of a man who made an enormous contribution to the IFIP Global Industry Council and who embodied, and was a role model for, all the qualities of a true Professional.

David passed away in 2018. At the time, Stephen Ibaraki wrote a tribute to his extensive achievements:

“In communities, education, academia–Dave was awarded the nation’s highest academic leadership award, serving two terms government ICT Sector Council; Chair of the National Council of IT Deans (top leadership bodies); several terms as academic Dean, CIO, Vice-President; presenting papers and speaking at global conferences for the UN and IEEE.

“In science and government—Dave served on the UN-founded elite IFIP Global Industry Council, chief editor Global Skills Report; two terms with ACM Practitioner Board (PB) Professional Development Committee, Chair PB Marketing Committee; two terms as President CIPS BC (CIPS government-chartered IT organization representing Canadian IT professionals); Dave contributed to national privacy legislation and first nations programs.

“In industry—Dave served as founding CEO for award winning Igen Knowledge Solutions; top writer for IDG-IT World (largest IT media); founding general partner REDDS Capital (Venture Investment Partners).”

After David’s death, IP3 made a proposal to the Kay Family Foundation, requesting funds for a prize in his name. The proposal was successful and IP3 will have funding for a prize to acknowledge an individual or organization that has promoted and demonstrated Professionalism (Professional Practice), has worked as an Ethics Evangelist, and/or has made strides in fostering diversity.

The Award provides a vehicle to identify exemplars of best practice in the field, to give them the recognition they deserve and to provide a goal for other aspirant practitioners and entities. The funding received is enough for a cash award, as well as covering the cost for an individual to travel to the IFIP General Assembly to receive the award, for a period of three years.