An article by IFIP IP3 Chair, Moira de Roche, on “Duty of Care and Artificial Intelligence” has been highlighted on the ITU website in the lead-up to its premier event, ITU Telecom World, being held in South Africa in September.

Ms de Roche is an invited speaker at this event, where she  will address the topic of Artificial Intelligence: impact and ownership” on Tuesday 11th September.

In her blog post, she writes that understanding privacy and security have become essential skills.

“It’s astounding that many (probably most) people still have very insecure passwords, and don’t have even basic virus protection on their devices … Privacy and security is about more than just strong passwords and virus protection, though.  Users should find ways to ensure that their service providers are trustworthy. They can and should expect their governments to pass laws that ensure compliance and accountability: but again, the final duty of care is with the individual.”

To read the article in full, see the ITU blog