IFIP IP3 Chair Moira de Roche partnered with ACS President Anthony Wong and Australian cyber security expert, Professor Jill Slay, to present at the Internet Governance Forum in Geneva last week.

The two hour presentation was entitled, “Good Governance is a Professional Standard which builds Trust and Cybersecurity in the Entire Digital Ecosystem”. It explored issues ranging from governance as the ‘glue’ that holds everything together, through to the importance of professional standards and the IFIP Duty of Care for Everything Digital (iDOCED).

As part of the visit, the ACS President made a presentation to Ms de Roche of a plaque representing the ACS’s decision to share its Cyber Security Specialism with IP3 to offer to its members around the globe.

“We have made ACS’ work on the Cyber Security Specialism available internationally to IFIP’s International Professional Practice Partnership to enhance the quality of Cyber Security Professionalism and build international capacity,” said Mr Wong.