A team representing IFIP IP3 (International Professional Practice Partnership) took part in the WSIS+20 Forum in Geneva late last month. 

The team included: Moira de Roche- IP3 Chair; Margaret Havey –IP3 Board representative for CIPS; Joice Benza – IP3 Board representative for CSZ. We were joined by IFIP President Anthony Wong.

WSIS2024 Exhibition

As a supporting partner, IFIP was provided with a table in the Exhibition area. 

The picture below shows the IFIP team with ITU dignitaries at the exhibition inauguration.

From Left: Anthony Wong (IFIP President), Paul Haskell-Dowland (TC11 Chair), Joice Benza (CSZ/IP3), Doreen Bogdan-Martin (ITU Secretary-General), Moira de Roche (IP3 Chair)

IFIP WSIS2024 Supporting Partner

As we have been since 2014, IFIP was a supporting partner of WSIS Forum. Shown below is Moira de Roche (Head of IFIP delegation) receiving certificate from Doreen Bogdan-Morris, ITU Secretary General.

IP3 Workshop on 29 May 2024

The session “Re” Generative AI – Using Artificial and Human Intelligence in tandem for innovation) – How humans can use their intelligence and creativity to get the most out of Gen-AI., was billed as a Partner Insight.

Despite a shaky start, the session was successful. There were over 35 onsite delegates and several more connected remotely. The session was very interactive with the panelists providing insights and answering audience questions. 

GIC Director Eliezer Manor presented an example of how he and his students use Gen-AI in tandem with Human-AI for innovation. A video, produced and presented by Stephen Ibaraki, played a specially created AI-generated song about IFIP, as well as demonstrations of the power of the latest Generative-AI tools. This video really kickstarted the audience engagement.

Our esteemed on-site panelists: Joice Benza (IP3 Board), Don Gotterbarn (IP3 Board), Margaret Havey (IP3 Board) and Eunika Mercier-Laurent (TC12 Chair) were able to keep the conversation going answering questions and concerns from the audience. The session was as interactive as we had hoped and ran well over the allotted 45 minutes

Click here for more information and to view the Outcomes document.