Professional CIO (Pr.CIOTM) now a professional designation in SA, thanks to an initiative by the Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPSA).

IITPSA has introduced a Professional Chief Information Officer (CIO) designation for South African ICT professionals meeting the required levels of academic achievement and professional experience. 

IITPSA CEO Tony Parry said the standard required for admission to the Professional Chief Information Officer (CIO) designation ensures that professional practitioners admitted to this professional designation have appropriate qualifications and demonstrate a very high degree of relevant professional experience in one or more of the many disciplines included within the ICT spectrum. 

These disciplines include software, network or telecommunications engineering, information and cybersecurity, ICT governance, business analysis, database management and administration, ICT management, project management, business intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning, software design and development, web development, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and mobile technologies. 

“This designation is awarded at the highest level in the profession, and officially recognises significant academic qualifications and extensive experience,” said Parry.   

Applicants admitted to this designation may use the post-nominal designator “Pr.CIO” in addition to the post-nominal designator for their grade of membership.

IITPSA membership grading and admission criteria are continuously evaluated in accordance with international practices and are maintained in line with these requirements. By gaining the right to use the respected letters AMIITPSA, MIITPSA, PMIITPSA and now also Pr.CIO after their names, IITPSA members are identified as belonging to a SAQA-recognised and IFIP IP3 accredited body and professional community. IITPSA members also benefit from Privy Seal digital accreditation stamps to append to their digital signatures. 

The IITPSA membership progression pathway for ICT Practitioners is: Student Member (optional) > > Affiliate Member > > Associate Member (AMIITPSA) > > Member (MIITPSA) > > Professional Member (PMIITPSA) (registered professional designation on the NQF) > Professional CIO (Pr.CIO).