Future Trends in Databases: From Data Science through Artificial Intelligence to Quantum Computing

22 November 17:00-18:15 CET

This panel will focus on emerging topics in database research, such as data engineering technologies supporting data science, issues of data quality in modern application domains, performance optimisation with the support of artificial intelligence, and quantum computing for databases, with particular emphasis on future trends envisaged in this field.

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Cybersecurity Skills

29 November 15:00-16:15 CET

 This session will examine the multidimensional challenge posed by cyber security skills, the need for which has gained increasing recognition on a global scale. One fundamental problem is that the desired skills are in short supply, resulting in recruitment and retention issues for employers. However, a further underlying challenge is that cyber security itself actually encompasses a broad range of areas, with different knowledge, experience and skillsets being relevant to different roles. This can result in knock-on challenges in understanding the skills landscape and interpreting whether particular skills are matched to our needs. The panel will consider these issues, including the part that academic qualifications, industry certifications and professional standards can potentially play in providing a solution.

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