IFIP Working Group 10.4 (Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance) staged a virtual workshop on Intelligent Vehicle Dependability and Security (IVDS) from 29 Jan-1 Feb 2021, attracting over 60 attendees from 18 time zones spanning North America, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Taiwan.

The vision of the IVDS project is to realise highly dependable and secure operation of intelligent vehicles (IVs), verified and validated with respect to strict dependability (particularly safety) and security requirements by rigorous state-of-the-art methods. Types of vehicle intelligence assumed in the vision are mainly those associated with SAE Driving Automation Levels 3-5, per SAE Int’l Recommended Practice J3016.

This first workshop provided an opportunity for debate about the hypothesis that Level 3 autonomous vehicles cannot be made acceptably safe with current technology and practices. In Level 3 automation, automated operation is enabled, but a human driver must be present and able to take control of the vehicle at any time, specifically in the case of an emergency due to system failure.

The successful program included talks by experts from industry and academia encompassing a wide range of related topics. The sessions focused on Human-Autonomous Systems Interaction, Autonomous Vehicle Industry Perspectives, and Verification and Validation.

All presentations and recorded video sessions are available at the

Workshop Website: https://ivds2021.dependability.org

Contacts: IVDS Workshop Chair: Dr. Jaynarayan Lala Jay_Lala@raytheon.com

Organising Committee: Prof. John Meyer jfm@umich.edu, Prof. Carl Landwehr carl.landwehr@gmail.com, Dr. Charles Weinstock weinstock@sei.cmu.edu, and Prof. Homa Alemzadeh ha4d@virginia.edu