“Smart Working, Living and Organising” will be theme of the Working Conference for IFIP Working Group 8.6 when it meets at the University of Portsmouth on 25th June 2018.


The one-day workshop seeks to progress research into technology adoption by examining the plethora of new technologies being adopted everyday by individuals, organisations, sectors and society in order to better understand the human aspects of living and organising with these technologies.   

In particular, the conference accepts research from different contexts and walks of life to understand the adoption and organising principles of emerging smart devices and technologies in smart homes, smart cars, smart phones, smart government, smart cities and smart organisations.  

Who is becoming smart and what are they becoming smart about?  Who are the “winners and losers” and what role does technology play?  How are emerging technologies adopted and appropriated in everyday life and what impact are they exerting?

The conference also aims to broaden the theoretical base of adoption and diffusion of technology in light of these new technologies and new challenges.  Hence, it welcomes critical thinking, and the development and utilisation of new, non-traditional and context specific conceptual lenses and viewpoints alongside the traditional diffusion of innovation theories.

General Chairs: Yogesh Dwivedi, Deborah Bunker, David Wastell

Program Chairs: Amany Elbanna, Eleanor Wynn

Organizing Chair: Peter Bednar

For more information, visit http://ifipwg86.wikidot.com/upcoming-events or contact Amany Elbanna: amany.elbanna@rhul.ac.uk