The 2019 IFIP Working Group 8.6 conference will be held in Accra, Ghana, from 21– 22 June 2019 with the theme of: “ICT unbounded, Social Impact of Bright ICT Adoption”.

Hosted by the University of Ghana, the 2019 Conference focuses on Bright Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Bright ICT, a 2015 initiative of the Association of Information Systems introduced by Prof J.K. Lee, refers to a grand vision of a bright society enabled by ICT.

The concept entails the development of relevant technologies, business models, public policies, social norms, international agreements, and metrics to measure national progress and prevent undesirable activities on the Internet.

After a double-blind review of 72 submissions, 30 full-length papers and four short papers have been accepted for presentation at the two-day conference. They examine people and organizational issues relation to the design, implementation and application of Bright ICT to develop society.

Bright ICT research involves taking a holistic view in the design of ICT enabled future society (Lee, 2015). The conference will be preceded by a doctoral consortium for PhD students and early-career faculty especially from developing countries in Africa from 20th – 21st June 2019.  

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