On 18 May 2022, Professor Daoliang Li, Chair of IFIP Working Group 5.14 (Advanced Information Processing for Agriculture) attended the online World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference (WAC 2022). 

As a special guest, he delivered a 40-minute report with the theme of Novel Information Technologies for Fish Behavior Recognition. The application of information technology in fish behavior recognition is described from three aspects: research progress and future work and challenges.

The report points out that although China is a big aquaculture country, it faces challenges in areas ranging from inefficient management of traditional aquaculture process and waste of resources to high energy consumption and high risks of aquaculture.

Professor Daoliang proposed that fish behavior can reflect the aquaculture management process to a certain extent, discussing behaviors relating to feeding, reproduction, disease, environmental stresses and other abnormalities.


He suggested that the combination of artificial intelligence technology and computer vision technology could help improve aquaculture processes relating to intelligent feeding, environmental warnings and monitoring, efficient management and the accurate control of an aquaculture environment.

The report also discussed the challenges of underwater aquaculture, such as complex and changeable underwater environments, the high density in aquaculture, and serious overlapping of aquaculture objects. 

The research is continuing and future scientific and technological breakthroughs are anticipated in the future.

Professor Daoliang Li