**Register Now for Event to be held at 13.20 on 29th March (Geneva time)**

To coincide with the 26th Session of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CTSD), IFIP is co-hosting a side event entitled: “The multi-faceted implications of AI”.

IFIP President Anthony Wong said the recent release of new AI-generation technologies such as ChatGPT, Bard, DALL-E and Stable Diffusion are exponentially shifting AI to the mainstream. 

“These platforms are revolutionising and causing disruption, even to the previous wave of technology— taking human machine interactions to new heights, moving across new frontier to access knowledge, imbued with the ability to generate works of art, poems, stories, essays, codes and more.”

To be held from 13.20-14.35 (Geneva time), the CTSD side event will explore a range of issues relating to AI in anticipation of this emerging technology becoming a key focus of the Commission’s work over the next few sessions. 

Questions to be considered include:

  • The power of AI systems is growing very quickly. Knowledge and creative jobs were thought to be less exposed to AI disruption. Is this still true? Will any occupation escape the impact of AI?
  • Are our societies ready to deal with AI, for jobs, for human rights, for civic and political participation, for ethics?
  • Can education help make AI more likely to enhance workers’ abilities rather than replace them? What needs to change in education policies and practices for this to happen?
  • Given that AI does not currently reflect most of the world, is it ethical or equitable to allow it to have an increasing role in managing global systems? 
  • Will AI development escape the regulatory power of governments?

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