As part of eHealth Week from 10-12 May in Malta, IFIP TC9 Chair Diane Whitehouse was recognised with the HIMSS Europe 2017 eHealth Leadership Award for her significant achievements in the eHealth sector.

Whitehouse, who is co-Vice Chair of IFIP’s Domain Committee on Health Informatics and Principal eHealth Policy Analyst with EHTEL (European Health Telematics Association), has undertaken extensive consultancy, advisory, research and training across eHealth fields including ageing, accessibility/inclusion, governance and interoperability. She has offered expert advice and guidance on a considerable number of European Commission projects, studies and their documentation.

Within EHTEL, she focuses on policy development, stakeholder engagement, telehealth and the association’s EHTELconnect services, and is currently involved in three European co-financed projects, PROGRESSIVE, SCIROCCO and VALUeHealth.

In 2013-2015, EHTEL led the Blueprint-formulating thematic network, MOMENTUM, that identified 18 key critical success factors for telehealth.

Whitehouse was previously a Scientific Officer in the ‘ICT for Health’ Unit of the European Commission’s General Directorate, Connect. She has also worked in the fields of action research, civic and human rights, publishing, and academia.