IFIP’s Technical Committee on Human–Computer Interaction (IFIP TC13) has named five winners of the prestigious 2023 IFIP TC13 Pioneer in Human-Computer Interaction Award. IFIP TC13 appoints pioneers to honour the greatest contributors to the development and growth of the field of human-computer interaction (HCI). 

An IFIP TC13 Pioneer is someone who, through active participation in IFIP Technical Committees or related IFIP groups, has made outstanding contributions to the educational, theoretical, technical, commercial or professional aspects of analysis, design, construction, evaluation and use of interactive systems. The criteria for the award include IFIP involvement through IFIP TC13, TC13 Working Groups (WGs) or in the organisation of the INTERACT conference, multiple publications at INTERACT, a significant research contribution (possibly with specific/new application domains), or being a HCI pioneer in the original meaning of the word, either in the area of HCI or in a local area (region or country) in the world.

The Awards Committee that considered the nominations for the 2023 IFIP TC13 Pioneer awards comprised Geraldine Fitzpatrick (Austria, Past Pioneer, Committee Chair), Zhengjie Liu (China, Past Pioneer), Jan Gulliksen (Sweden, Past Pioneer), Peter Forbrig (Germany, Past Pioneer) and Virpi Roto (Finland). 

The Awards Committee unanimously decided to honour five candidates with the 2023 IFIP TC13 Pioneer Award: 

  • Gilbert Cockton (United Kingdom) 
  • Marta Lárusdóttir (Iceland)
  • Mark Apperley (New Zealand)
  • Janet Wesson (South Africa)
  • Torkil Clemmensen (Denmark).

IFIP TC13 congratulates the 2023 winners for their fine work and pioneering achievements!