IFIP TC9, the Technical Committee focused on ICT and Society, has established the IFIP eWaste Action Group to raise awareness, and set standards and targets for eWaste management.

The new Action Group is currently developing a position paper to detail the key issues relating to surplus electronic and electrical equipment not suitable for reuse, and to develop strategies to improve ICT sustainability.

TC9 Chair, David Kreps, said he has received numerous responses from people offering suggestions or volunteering for the group since the idea was first raised at the IFIP General Assembly in Sri Lanka last September.

“We currently have eight members from across Europe, the UK, US and Asia, and plan to have our draft position paper ready in time to be presented at the next General Assembly this coming September in Poland,” he said.

TC9 is staging its HCI conference as part of the World Computer Congress in Poznan, Poland with the theme “This Changes Everything”, with a strong focus on climate change and environmental sustainability.

Professor Kreps said the eWaste Action Group members hope to develop a tangible response to the eWaste problem.

“Rather than simply pointing out the problem, we want IFIP to play a significant role in helping the industry to overcome the problem so we’re looking at a wide range of possible responses,” he said.

“Early ideas include conducting research towards systems development to help with waste management, end-life design approaches and various strategies to encourage greater communication between producers and disposers.”