IFIP President Anthony Wong was on hand at the AI 4 Good Global Summit (AI4GGS) in Geneva this month to see OpenAI founder Sam Altman interviewed about the future of AI.

Speaking via video link to the live audience, Altman responded to questions from Nicholas Thompson around the regulation of AI, governance at OpenAi, safety, adaptation and humanity, and on the new “Social contract”. 

His conclusion and take away for the audience included what he called an “Incredible upside”, and figuring out the future structures for humanity.

Nicholas Thompson interviews OpenAI founder, Sam Altman Image Credit: Anthony Wong

On Day 2 of the event there were robots galore – from R2D2 of Star Wars fame to AI-Da (pictured) and many more. A highlight was the interview with Geoffrey Hinton, considered to be one of the godfathers of AI.