The Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) is collaborating with IFIP InterYIT to present the Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform (YIEP) at next month’s NCS 26th National Conference.

To be held from 19-21 July at the NAF Conference Centre in Abuja, Nigeria, the Platform seeks to harness the ideas, passion and energy of young people to make a difference in the world.

YIEP offers a series of presentations, discussions and mentoring sessions on Youth Innovation, Entrepreneurship Support and Guidance, Business Advisory, Mentoring, Funding Information and Support, Idea Generation, Finances.

Other features of the event will include:

  • Young IT entrepreneurs and startups share experiences, motivations, experiences and success tips
  • Experienced visionary mentors and industry leaders offer guidance, mentoring and advice in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Showcasing solutions and offerings of youth innovators, entrepreneurs and startups in to investors, conference delegates, partners, industry players, government MDAs, etc

The goal is to empower the next generation to help reduce unemployment, poverty, terrorism, hunger, disease, illiteracy and insecurity. YIEP offers a dynamic, innovative and future oriented approach to enhance security, job creation, health, education and overall prosperity.

Key objectives are to:

  • Build the innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities of young people
  • Develop and equip youth innovators and entrepreneurs in IT
  • Diversify the economy away from oil with youth innovation
  • Champion local content development in IT through youth innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Inform, inspire and support young people in information technology who create wealth, generate jobs and usher in new types of work and jobs
  • Foster the culture of tech innovation, entrepreneurship and highlighting opportunities
  • Provide mentoring, engagement and networking, connecting young people in tech to partners, clients, industry experts and mentors

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