IFIP Names Anthony Wong New President-Elect

IFIP, the global apolitical organisation for Information & Communications Technologies and Sciences, has announced its new leadership team, electing Australia’s Anthony Wong as its new President and South African Moira de Roche as its Vice President. 

Mr Wong will serve as IFIP President-elect for the next 12 months before taking over the leadership after its General Assembly in September 2022 for a three-year term.  He is only the second Australian to hold this prestigious position in IFIP’s 60-year history.

A former CIO and now Information Technology lawyer, Mr Wong enjoys significant influence within the Australian and international ICT landscape. He is the current IFIP Vice President, serves as Deputy Chair of IFIP’s International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3) and was recently appointed Chair of IFIP’s newest Working Group (WG12.12) focusing on AI Governance. This year he has also chaired the IFIP 60th Events Coordination Committee, which has collaborated with IFIP Member Societies and Committees to host more than 40 events across the globe to promote and celebrate the IFIP’s 60th Anniversary (#ifip60).

In Australia, Mr Wong has served two terms as President of ACS (Australian Computer Society) from 2010-11 and 2016-17, sat on the Australian Government IT Industry Innovation Council, chaired the NSW Government ICT Advisory Panel and served on its Digital Transformation Taskforce. A regular commentator and presenter on topical issues in various print and online media, radio and TV, he also speaks at various conferences and forums, including the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva and the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

In his election speech to the IFIP General Assembly, Mr Wong said this is an important epoch in human history, pointing to the growing influence and implications of technology on all facets of work, life and play. He pointed to comments by the UN Secretary-General in his June 2020 report that, “The world is at a critical inflection point for technology governance, made more urgent by the ongoing pandemic.”

Mr Wong plans to apply his experience and skills in collaboration, consultation and thought leadership to advance IFIP and enhance its relevance to the international community.

“We are a broad church with members from across the world. Since its inception 60 years ago under the auspices of UNESCO, IFIP activities span every conceivable role in ICT, from computer science and education to cybersecurity and AI, from both government and business, research and academia.

“In a world, that is now connected by technology, IFIP continues to play many important roles in the rapidly evolving technology landscape as featured by the many #ifip60 faces. ICT professionals and academics understand better than most in relation to the trends and trajectories of emerging technologies and their potential impacts on the economic, safety and social constructs of the workplace and society. IFIP is well placed to collaborate and work with business, institutions, governments, regulators and policy formulators with our unique understanding of the benefits, strengths and limitations of technology and its effects,” he said.

Current IFIP President, Mike Hinchey, has welcomed Mr Wong’s election from a competitive field, saying he is pleased to know IFIP will be in great hands for the future.

“Anthony Wong is a long-time contributor to IFIP and has a deep understanding of the issues and challenges it faces moving forward,” he said. “He brings great experience from his two terms as ACS President and from his professional experience in policy setting and technology law. As an active member of IP3, he will continue to elevate IFIP’s concerns with issues of ethics and professionalism. I look forward to working with him on the handover and welcome his inputs and contributions as President-Elect,” he concluded.

Mr Wong will be supported in his leadership of IFIP by long-time professionalism advocate, Moira de Roche, who currently also chairs IFIP IP3.

“I am very pleased to be elected as Vice President for IFIP,” she said. “My vision is for an IFIP that is recognised globally by business and government, building on the body of academic research and insight for the Technical Committees. IFIP must expand its role to ensure its sustainability as an organisation,” she said.

Other results from the IFIP meeting included the election: 

  • Kai Rannenberg as Honorary Treasurer
  • Max Bramer as Honorary Secretary-Elect
  • Wouter Bronsgeest (Netherlands) as IFIP Councillor
  • Alastair Irons (UK) as IFIP Councillor