The Aim of the Domain Committee on Quantum Computing (DCQC), established January 2022, is to promote a novel area within the IT community – Quantum Computing (QC). It will provide a significant and a long-term opportunity for IFIP members to conduct research and to work with academia and business. The main purpose of the DC is to coordinate the efforts of member societies as well as different technical committees/working groups (TCs/WGs) in its specific interdisciplinary field.

Overall Goals of the IFIP DCQC are:

  • Promote a new research and practice domain on IT aspects of QC and let IFIP take the leadership in this domain.
  • Provide an international platform for communication and collaboration on IT in QC projects, research and applications. 

Quantum Computing (QC) is an area of study focused on the development of computer-based technologies centred around the principles of quantum theory. Quantum theory explains the nature and behavior of energy and matter on the quantum (atomic and subatomic) level.

  • QC uses phenomena in quantum physics to create new ways of computing.
  • QC uses qubits, which unlike a normal computer bit, can be either 0 or 1. A qubit can exist in a multidimensional state.
  • The power of quantum computers grows exponentially with more qubits, unlike classical computers that add more bits can increase power only linearly.

IFIP DCQC Members:

Chair: Prof. Dr. Dimiter Velev   


  1. Prof. Dr. Ina SCHAEFER, Chair of IFIP TC-2: Software: Theory and Practice
  2. Prof. Dr. Xian-Min Jin, Director of Center for Integrated Quantum Information Technologies, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China.
  3. TBA


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Plamena Zlateva, WG 5.15 Vice-chair, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


  1. Prof. Dr. Luis Soares BARBOSA, Chair of IFIP TC-1: Foundations of Computer Science.
  2. Prof. Dr. Philippe PALANQUE, Chair of IFIP TC-13: Human-Computer Interaction. 
  3. Prof. Dr. Tadeusz CZACHORSKI, Chair of IFIP TC-5: Information Technology Applications.
  4. Prof. Dr. Jee-In KIM, National Representative of Korea to IFIP.
  5. Dr. Wouter BRONSGEEST, National Representative of the Netherlands to IFIP, Chair of the Royal Dutch Association of Information Professionals.
  6. Prof. Dr. Igor GREBENNIK, National Representative of Ukraine to IFIP.
  7. Prof. Dr. SIVAKUMAR R., Vellore Institute of Technology, India.
  8. Prof. Dr. Bruce WATSON, Stellenbosch University, National Representative of SA to IFIP TC-2.
  9. Prof. Dr. Ignacio García Rodríguez De Guzmán, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

QC Conferences in 2023/2024/2025