As nations and cities around the world move to remote working and social distancing to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus, IFIP continues to play a leadership role for ICT professionals. 

The IFIP headquarters in Laxenburg is closed and staff are working from home, however meetings are continuing on Zoom, Skype and by phone, and activities within all the Technical Committees, Working Groups and our member societies are continuing. 

We will respond to all queries we receive, but please be patient if we take a little longer than usual as we might not have access to all the usual infrastructure and resources. 

Decisions about conferences and other major meetings are being made by the relevant organisers, who will post information and updates on their home pages.  

We encourage all our members to act responsibly in these uncertain times, to stay safe, practise social distancing measures and support each other through whatever changing circumstances you face.

Please follow the recommendations and policies of your nation’s government and other authorities, and do your best to support yourself and others in navigating these challenges.