Educators from around the world gather in Portugal this week for IFIP SaITE 2016, one of the world’s most important conferences exploring the use of technology in education.

To be held in Guimarães from 6-8 July 2016, SaITE is a joint conference of IFIP TC3, the Technical Committee for Education within IFIP.

The event features four eminent keynote presenters covering issues of relevance to educators globally:

  • The World Bank’s Senior Education Specialist, Dr Husein Abdul-Hamid will address: “The Role of EMIS in Strengthening Education Systems”;
  • Professor Niki Davis of New Zealand’s University of Canterbury asks the question: “Could Smart Partnerships level the playing field in the arena of change with ICT in education?”;
  • António Dias Figueiredo, Emeritus Professor of Information Systems at Portugal ’s University of Coimbra will speak about: “Onlife Learning and the Changed Roles of the Stakeholders”; and
  • Professor Carlos Zorrinho of Portugal’s University of Évora will consider the topic: “Addressing European Union’s Digital Skills Gap – Mobilizing the Key Stakeholders”.

The keynotes are supported by a comprehensive program of speakers from across the world as well as a series of symposiums.

SaITE16 takes the theme of ‘Stakeholders and Information Technology in Education’, exploring five key areas within that:

  • linking formal and informal education;
  • researching transformation of applications of technologies in educational contexts;
  • exploring implications of computer science education;
  • preparing a new generation of computer professionals; and
  • strategic use and professional development in policy and management.

The event will provide a valuable opportunity forum for teachers, academics, researchers and other stakeholders to share and discuss the latest developments, methodologies and insights around the teaching and application of technology in education. Visit