Two of the most important conferences focused around how humans interact with technology are joining forces for a combined event in August this year.

The 6th International Conference on Human-Centred Software Engineering (HCSE) and the 8th International Working Conference on Human Error, Safety, and System Development (HESSD) have announced a Call for Papers for their joint event from 29-31 August, 2016.

To be held in Stockholm, Sweden, HCSE + HESSD 2016 ( will bring together hundreds of researchers and ICT practitioners to hear about the latest technology advances, share experiences and insights, and network with other experts in their field.

The event is being organised by two IFIP Working Groups:

  • WG13.2, which explores user interface design, combining software engineering and human-computer interaction and integrating human-centred design with software engineering processes; and
  • WG13.5, which considers the role and impact of human error in design, management and operation of safety-critical systems and leading edge techniques for mitigating the impact of human error in complex systems.

Conference organisers are keen to hear from potential presenters interested in submitting sort or long papers in the relevant areas of interest.

Topics for HCSE might include:

  •    contributions to the theory and best practices of user-centred design
  •    design and architectural patterns for interactive systems
  •    involvement of end-users, clients and stakeholders in the development process of interactive systems
  •    innovative methods for identifying end user requirements for interactive systems
  •    integration of user experience in development processes
  •    methods for designing, building and assessing interactive systems beyond the desktop (e.g. the living room, ubiquitous and multi-display, cockpits, etc.)
  •    models and model-based approaches for building interactive systems
  •    integration of multiple properties in software development (e.g. usability, security, reliability, user experience, privacy, accessibility, etc.)
  •    socio-technical aspects of interactive software development
  •    software architectures for interactive systems
  •    rational design and traceability of design choices.

Topics for HESSD might include:

  •    risk-based approaches to critical interactive systems and infrastructure security
  •    reliability and dependability of interactive systems
  •    accident investigation and ‘lessons learned’ techniques
  •    designing for human error forecasting, prevention, tolerance and removal
  •    techniques for analysing technical failure as well as human and managerial ‘error’
  •    usability in safety-critical systems
  •    management of conflicting properties for the design, development and operation of critical systems
  •    from design and development to training of operators
  •    collaboration and collaborative systems as dependability mechanism for command and control systems
  •    automation design, function allocation and task migration as design option  for dependable operations.

Submissions of abstracts for short or long papers should be made online by 11th April 2016 with full papers due by 18 April 2016.  Successful applicants will be advised by 20 May 2016 with final papers due in June.

Check the website for more information about the full range of presentation opportunities, the length and style requirements for submissions and other important information.