With over 1.5 billion students globally affected by school and university closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UNESCO has launched the Global Education Coalition to support countries in scaling up their best distance learning practices and reaching those who are most at risk. 

The new coalition brings together the United Nations family, civil society organisations and technology partners to collaborate in helping countries to implement innovative and context-sensitive solutions to deliver education remotely.

Recognising the importance of this initiative, HBMSU has committed to contribute its accumulative expertise and educational resources for teachers to ensure continuity of education for all learners. HBMSU has developed unique practices in the field of smart education as well as innovative IT solutions and digital pedagogies. It provides its free e-learning resources for teachers as well as continuously organising free webinars for different target audiences in the field of education. 

HBMSU has launched its Cloud Campus online learning platform to provide global learning opportunities. Leveraging its considerable expertise in e-education, the university aims to empower educators by developing online training resources for teaching and academic personnel of various levels as well as the general public. Free crash courses in five languages have been developed by HBMSU to assist teachers in their task to move to remote learning in the context of emergency closures of schools and universities. The crash courses are based on hands-on and learning-by-doing approaches and available freely at https://cloudcampus.hbmsu.ac.ae