The ICEC Game Accessibility Research Summit Workshop will be held on 30 September 2024 in a blended environment as part of IFIP Technical Committee’s ICEC 2024. Organised by IFIP Working Group 14.9 Game Accessibility, the workshop is currently seeking submissions from potential speakers.

About this Workshop

Game accessibility has evolved significantly during the last decade, both in research and in the industry. Progress includes accessible controllers, development kits, educational material, inclusive design processes and research about specific, often neglected groups such as deaf/blind gamers and people with cognitive disabilities. The Game Accessibility Conference gathers developers and researchers in presentations and discussions. Research conferences also enable ad hoc meetings and of course, individual researchers collaborate on specific topics in various research efforts.

The purpose of this focused full-day workshop is to have all peer researchers in the field working together, to identify gaps with opportunities and challenges to further advance game accessibility and inclusion in games. Thus, the workshop is open to all researchers and PhD students in the field of game accessibility, in a hybrid format to enable as many as possible to participate.

Main Objectives

The goals of the workshop are: 

  1. discuss submitted short abstracts from each participating researcher, student and/or research group; 
  2. outline research gaps with opportunities and challenges, including possible collaborations; and 
  3. decide on a continuous academic forum format for advancing game accessibility research.

Workshop format

This is a full day workshop to have ample time for the following activities:

  1. Introductions of attendees
  2. Peer-review all submitted abstracts and discuss them 
  3. Identify intersections between research groups and efforts
  4. Identify challenges and opportunities to collaborate on
  5. Create a plan for potential collaborations 
  6. Decide when and where to have the next yearly summit

Details for participation

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