Paris will be the venue for the French Computer Society’s 10th anniversary congress, with the SiF extending a warm invitation to come and travel through time, exploring 10 years of retrospectives and 10 years of perspectives in the life of computer science.

Come and discover a science in motion, a science that is shared, a science that is taught and learned, a science in and for society with the SiF.

Come and meet those who make it live and grow, whether it is on the scientific aspects or the consideration of societal issues.

Come and enjoy the presentations of the Gilles Kahn thesis prizes and the personalities whose actions in favour of computer science the SiF wishes to recognise by naming them honorary members.

Don’t miss, at the end of the congress, a presentation by Yann LeCun, VP and Chief AI Scientist at Facebook and winner of the Turing Prize in 2019. He will speak on “Learning from World Models: A Step Towards Autonomous Artificial Intelligence”. The full program for the two day event is available here.

Caption: Yann LeCun