The Foundation for Responsible Robotics (FRR) has joined forces with the Royal Dutch Foundation for IT and Information Professionals (KNVI).

KNVI is the largest and oldest association for IT and information professionals in the Netherlands. The new partnership will help FRR to achieve its mission to shape the future design, development and use of robotics in a responsible way and widen its network of professional practitioners. In turn, FRR broadens KNVI’s network into the robotics domain and provides insight into the newest digital transformations.

KNVI chairman, Dr Wouter Bronsgeest, said, “This is a wonderful partnership for KNVI that will help our members to develop their knowledge of digital leadership and their contribution to shaping the future.”

This was supported by Dr Aimee van Wynsberge, co-director of FRR, who said, “We are delighted to join up with KNVI to provide the mutual benefits of linking two distinct digital communities.”

FRR will bring on board its critical reflections on ethical and human responsibility issues, extending KNVI’s professional codes of conduct to include the societal impact of new technologies.

“KNVI will help to advance the Foundation for Responsible Robotics’ goals of maintaining human accountability and responsibility as the digital revolution takes hold in robotics,” said Professor Noel Sharkey, FRR co-director.

The partnership takes place from the 1st of December 2017.