The European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) will stage its 2018 Symposium from 3-5 December in Brussels. With the theme of “Empowered Partners in Health through user-driven digitisation”, the event will explore topics including:

  • From Lightweight Wellness Apps to Managing Serious Conditions
  • Transforming Data into Health and Care Management
  • Patient Journey 4.0: Joint Navigation of Patients and Providers
  • Making Digital Healthcare Meaningful: Role of the Health Work Force in Spreading Digitisation in and across European Health Systems
  • Looking Ahead: Can Superintelligence Heal? Leveraging Synergies of Machine Learning and Digitisation
  • Personas: Modelling User Needs for Digital Services
  • Field Experience in Deploying Digital Services
  • Coaching and Twinning on how to Enable Successful Deployment

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