To mark its 20th Anniversary, the ECDL Foundation has released a paper that seeks to progress the discussion around the most effective strategies for developing digital literacy and skills.

The new paper, entitled “Creating the Future: Computing in Education” revisits terms and concepts related to computing and argues that computing is part of digital competence.

In the context of rising global demand for ICT specialists, which is forcing many countries to explore ways to equip the next generation of workers, the paper considers different approaches which have been adopted around the world.

The ECDL Foundation believes computing and digital literacy are two sides of the same coin and should both form part of compulsory education. “Digital skills should be developed progressively in education, starting with the essential skills required to use a computer and get online, and then continuing with more complex skills such as computing, IT security and web editing.

Finally, the paper presents the key elements of the new ECDL Computing module and explains how it answers the need for a consistent, high-quality approach in building and certifying computing skills.

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