The Digital Transformation in Government (DTiG) Conference is looking for international speakers who can present success case studies of public sector DT projects around the world. The only event of its kind, DTiG seeks to bring together the different stakeholder groups involved in government DT with a drive to reduce the incredibly high failure rates associated with DT projects (~90% overall according to IEEE Engr Mgt Review).

To be held in virtual and hybrid formats from 13-16 June 2023, DTiG 2023 is hosted in Canada by the ISACA Ottawa Valley Chapter, the University of Ottawa and the Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA) and is conducted in partnership with the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS), Dalhousie University and the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC). 

With a goal of creating re-useable DT in Government patterns, organisers are working with their conference partners, the UN and The Open Group, to encapsulate best practices and embody 40 years of lessons learned to enable countries starting their digital government journey to accelerate the realisation of their goals and avoid the costly pitfalls of early adopter nations. 

This conference is focused on government, NGO, professional associations and academia presentations highlighting case studies on policies, methodologies, technologies, techniques and lessons learned. Presenters can be accompanied by private sector partners. This series of conferences began in 2019 and has evolved as the only one dedicated to digital government. Drivers, context and critical success factors are different in government and this conference addresses many of these issues separately from those in the private sector.

Themes include:
• Leading digital transformation in government
• Promoting women in STEM SheLeadsTech
• Cyber-Security and Privacy
• Sharing information/services
• DT in multi-national organizations
• Workforce of the future
• Ethics and responsible use of AI
• Creating reusable patterns for e-government
• Digital transformation in emerging nations
• Government design and Innovation Using EA
• Artificial intelligence and knowledge management
• The future of work
• Advanced technologies
• Business technology management

Given the conference focus, DTiG is keen to include presentations from governments in various IFIP-representative nations along with academic presentations relating to eGovernment. Each presentation will be 45 minutes long, with 10 minutes for questions. The conference will be virtual (13-15 June) and hybrid from Ottawa 16 June, so there is no need for travel and presentations can be recorded if required. For academics, there will also be an academic track sponsored by the Association for Information Systems with peer-reviewed articles and publication in either proceedings or the Journal of the AIS, to incentivise participation. For all presentations (recordings, presentation and Article (optional)) will be made available as Open Educational Resources as well as on YouTube. Detailed speaker notes will be provided to anyone interesting in speaking and participating. All presentations, recordings and papers (optional) would be published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Over the years, DTiG has attracted up to 700 registrants and 50 speakers from the UN, EU, India, EC, US (NASCIO, NIST) and the Government of Canada. More information is available here. Previous conference presentations are available here and on YouTube.

Please submit speaking proposals related to digital transformation in government. For academia, if you wish to submit an article, please contact us and we will forward to you submission formalism deadlines for the article, however you can present a synopsis of your research findings without an article if you are not ready yet.

Note: the 5th DTiG Conference is scheduled for 10-14 June 2024 and a hybrid format will be adopted. The 14th of June 2024 will be workshop and panel discussion oriented.