New Invited Speaker – Dr Kees van der Klauw – to Present on Internet of Things

Internet of Things expert, Dr Kees van der Klauw, will present an Invited Talk on the opening day of the World Computer Congress (WCC 2018) in Poznan, Poland on 18 September 2018.  

The founding Chair of the Alliance for Internet of Things (AIOTI), Dr van der Klauw will speak on the topic: “The Internet of Things is hardly about technology: How it impacts society, business and professions”.

While the Internet of Things is enabled by technological advancements in computing, communications and data storage, the success of its applications will largely depend on non-technical matters.

Dr van der Klauw will discuss examples such as acceptance of use-cases by end users, trust in systems and organisations and redistribution of value in changing business models. He will explore how these aspects have become important design factors in the architecture of IoT and ask the question, “What does that mean for professionals in information technology in the future?”

Since 2015, Dr van der Klauw has been involved in the establishment of the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) and is currently the first elected chairman of this registered Association, driving IoT innovation in Europe.  This year, he established an independent Innovation Consultancy and Interim Management Company called InnoAdds, building on his 30 years experience in various senior technology and leadership roles across the Philips group of companies.

WCC 2018 is IFIP’s flagship event and acts as an umbrella event for more than a dozen different specialist conferences. In addition to the presentation by Dr van der Klauw, WCC 2018 will feature Keynote addresses from:

  • Professor Wil van der Aalst (one of the most cited computer scientists in the world, top expert in workflow management, process mining, Petri nets, business process management, process modeling, and process analysis) on the topic of “Responsible Data Science in a Dynamic World’;
  • Dr Jan Camenisch (a leading scientist in the area of privacy and cryptography, Principal Research Staff Member at IBM Research – Zurich) discussing ”The Pros and Cons of Blockchain for Privacy”;
  • Professor Leslie Valiant (world-renowned for contributions to complexity theory and a Turing Award holder) addressing the topic of “What Needs to be Added to Machine Learning?; and
  • Shamika N. Sirimanne (world-renowned expert in disaster risk reduction).

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