The 56th AICA Congress was held on 21-22 October at the Federico II University of Naples, organised in collaboration with the University of Naples. AICA is the Italian association that for over 50 years has been dedicated to the development of knowledge, training and digital culture. AICA is a member of IFIP, CEPIS and the ICDL Foundation, being the National operator of the ECDL / ICDL program in Italy.

The 56th Congress encouraged a reflection on the topic of skills in today’s complex environment, where new digital technologies are changing business. The innovation and competitiveness potential of a company is now, as never before, directly connected to the intelligent use of digital networks and services. 

AICA brought together experts, companies, managers, school representatives, universities and institutions, since in a moment of disruptive innovation, the necessary skills can only be defined through a constructive synergy between actors in business and in education.

The first day opened with greetings from AICA’s President, Professor Giovanni Adorni of the rector of the University of Naples Federico II and President of CRUI, Professor Gaetano Manfredi. This was followed by a series of speeches regarding the “Knowledge society and disruptive technologies: skills for tomorrow”.

The second event was the ICDL Digital Literacy Forum, a national presentation of the new International Certification of Digital Literacy, as announced on 10 May in Brussels. This has evolved from the historical ECDL (European Computer Driving License) spread over 150 countries in the world. 

As a result, the Digital Literacy Forum focused on one of the most relevant themes of contemporary society aiming at an active and responsible citizenship: the ability to use technology to find, organise, understand, evaluate, create and share information in a conscious manner.

The new name also corresponds to a new brand identity used throughout the world, and provides for a differentiation of the modules focused on the needs of the different recipients: citizens, students, workers and professionals.

Special international guests were Jakub Christoph and Luis Fernandez Sanz, representing respectively the ICDL Foundation and CEPIS.

The core of the Forum was the presentation of several novelties in ICDL, and a round table involving testimonials of selected Italian ICDL Test Centres, including private training providers, primary and secondary schools, universities, as well as the Italian Army School of Broadcasting and Information Technology.

The two-day conference was closed by President Adorni with a presentation of AICA Academy, a new set of services for the network of examination centers / competence centres.

More detailed information is available through AICA’s website