The Centre for Combinatorics on Words & Applications (CCWA) has unveiled an Open Problems Garden: a website of open problems to be publicly available as a permanent repository of algorithmic problems.

The problems will be contributed by researchers to two Moderators, who will post them on the website, with plans to eventually build a database where hundreds of problems will be described and kept up to date, so researchers and their students can access and study them, attempt to solve them and submit partial or complete solutions.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, the CCWA was established in late 2014 at Murdoch University with an initial membership of 40-45 distinguished researchers in combinatorics on words and string algorithms.  The founders and directors of the CCWA are Drs Amy Glen and Jamie Simpson of Murdoch, together with Professor Bill Smyth of McMaster University, who also serves as Secretary of IFIP Working Group 1.10, String Algorithmics & Applications.  

Today as a result of the many applications in bioinformatics and other areas, there are thousands of researchers in these fields around the world.

To stroll through the Garden, visit: