“Advancing Research in Information and Communication Technology” Now Available

Download the Second of Two IFIP Jubilee Books
The second of the two planned Jubilee Books to celebrate IFIP’s 60th Anniversary is now available for free download.

“Advancing Research in Information and Communication Technology — IFIP’s Exciting First 60+ Years, Views from the Technical Committees and Working Groups” reflects IFIP’s aim to foster exchange and development with regard to the scientific and technical aspects of information processing. 

To achieve this aim IFIP established soon after its foundation, Technical Committees (TCs) and related Working Groups (WGs). IFIP TCs are as diverse as the various aspects of information processing, but they share common aims, such as:

  • To establish and maintain liaison with national and international organizations with allied interests and to foster cooperative action, collaborative research, and information exchange.
  • To identify subjects and priorities for research, to stimulate theoretical work on fundamental issues and to foster fundamental research which will underpin future development.
  • To provide a forum for professionals with a view to promoting the study, collection, exchange, and dissemination of ideas, information, and research findings and thereby to promote the state of the art.
  • To have special regard for the needs of developing countries and to seek practicable ways of working with them.
  • To encourage communication and to promote interaction between users, practitioners, and researchers.

TCs and WGs are very active and reflect their research work in more than 100 events IFIP organises every year. Considering the aims and the corresponding activities and competencies of IFIP’s TCs, it seems natural that they were invited to contribute high quality ICT Research publications with insights from the breadth of their entire work on a global/worldwide scale. Consequently, the editors of AICT 600 were lucky enough to receive 17 contributions from nine TCs and several of their WGs. These contributions describe the scientific, technical, and further work in the TCs and WGs and in many cases also assess the consequences of the work’s results. They will help IFIP and their readers to explore the developments of IFIP and the profession now and over the next 60 years. The contributions are arranged per TC and conclude with the chapter on the IFIP code of ethics and conduct as a joint IFIP endeavour and achievement.

Besides giving valuable insights into important and upcoming topics of information processing, all the contributions show the rich diversity of the international work being done in IFIP and how it represents the global research and application of information processing. They also document the essential role of IFIP as a platform for this work.

The book and also its individual chapters can be downloaded for free via the IFIP Digital Library. Simply click on the AICT link to go to the SpringerLink page that allows free download. There is (at this point in time) an issue with some versions of Chrome and related browsers, but Firefox will work. It is also advisable to not go via a VPN of an institution that has a subscription with Springer, as this sometimes gets in the way.