Suhail Sherif Chosen as Recipient of ACM India 2021-2022 Doctoral Dissertation Award

Suhail Sherif is the recipient of the ACM India Council’s 2021-2022 Doctoral Dissertation Award for his dissertation titled “Communication Complexity and Quantum Optimization Lower Bounds via Query Complexity” that makes breakthrough progress on understanding basic complexity measures. Suhail completed his doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Arkadev Chattopadhyay at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai.

Suprovat Ghoshal is recipient of the Honorable Mention of the ACM India Council’s 2021-2022 Doctoral Dissertation Award for his dissertation titled “New Algorithmic and Hardness Results in Learning, Error Correcting Codes and Constraint Satisfaction Problems” that resolves several questions of interest at the intersection of learning theory, error corrections and combinatorial optimization, and asks new ones which are likely to lead to a better understanding of the complexity of problems in this landscape. Suprovat completed his doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Arnab Bhattacharyya and Siddharth Barman at Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.

Vrunda Dave is co-recipient of the Honorable Mention of the ACM India Council’s 2021-2022 Doctoral Dissertation Award for her dissertation titled “On Some Fundamental Problems and Applications of Word Transducers” that makes fundamental contributions to and advances the theory of transducers. Vrunda completed her doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Shankara Narayanan Krishna at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai.

The ACM India Doctoral Dissertation Award was established in 2011. This award recognizes the best doctoral dissertation from a degree-awarding institution based in India for each academic year, running from August 1 of one year to July 31 of the following year. The ACM India Doctoral Dissertation Award is accompanied by a prize of ₹2,00,000. An Honorable Mention award is accompanied by a prize of ₹1,00,000. The dissertation(s) will be published in the ACM Digital Library. Financial support for both the award and honorable mention is provided by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Please see the ACM India Doctoral Dissertation Award page for additional information on current and past winners.

Featured ACM Member: Marcelo Arenas

Marcelo Arenas is a Professor at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Director of the Millennium Institute for Foundational Research on Data. His research interests are in the areas of data management, database systems, applications of logic in computer science, knowledge representation and the semantic web.

Among his honors, Arenas received a SIGMOD Jim Gray Doctoral Dissertation Award Honorable Mention, the Semantic Web Science Association Ten-Year Award, and nine Best Paper awards at various conferences. He was recently named an ACM Distinguished Member for outstanding scientific contributions to computing. 

Read his People of ACM interview.

Featured ACM Distinguished Speaker: Gernot Heiser

Gernot Heiser is Scientia (distinguished) Professor and John Lions Chair of Operating Systems at UNSW Sydney and Chief Research Scientist at CSIRO’s Data61. His research interest are in operating systems, real-time systems, security and safety. He is the founder and past leader of the Trustworthy Systems group, which pioneered large-scale formal verification of systems code. Gernot is a Fellow of the ACM, the IEEE, and the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE). He is, jointly with the original seL4 team, a winner of the 2019 ACM SIGOPS Hall of Fame Award.

 For more information on Gernot, please visit his DSP speaker information page.


ACM Europe Technology Policy Committee in European Commission AI & Product Liability Consultation

The European Commission’s “Civil liability – adapting liability rules to the digital age and artificial intelligence” solicited the views of a wide range of private and public sector stakeholders on adapting rules of civil liability to “the digital age and artificial intelligence.” ACM Europe Technology Policy Committee both responded to a detailed Commission questionnaire and provided supplemental comments. Key concepts endorsed by the Committee included: holding designers and deployers of AI-enabled consumer products strictly liable for harm that they cause; upon a claim being stated by an injured party, placing the burden of proof on AI system designers and users to show why they should not be liable for harm caused; and requiring AI system operators to hold suitable liability insurance. Read Europe TPC’s complete comments.

TEI 2022, February 13 – 16

The Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interactions addresses issues of human-computer interaction, novel tools and technologies, interactive art, and user experience. This year’s conference will be virtual and will focus on “Making. Things. Think.” inviting participants to look into the design of the autonomous everything and the (future) impact on our (daily) li


WSDM 2022, February 21 – 25

The ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining is one of the premier conferences on web-inspired research involving search and data mining. The program this year will be virtual and includes workshops on Federated Learning for Private Web Search and Data Mining, Decision Making for Modern Information Retrieval System, and more. Keynote speakers are Yejin Choi of the University of Washington, George Karypis of Amazon, and ACM Fellow Ricardo Baeza-Yates of Northeastern University.

FPGA 2022, February 27 – March 1

The ACM/SIGDA International Symposium on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays is a premier conference for presentation of advances in FPGA technology. Technical topics of this year’s conference, which will be held virtually, are Architecture and CAD, High-Level Tools and Abstractions, Machine Learning, Applications. Keynote speakers are Zsolt Tőkei of imec and Satnam Singh of Groq.


ASPLOS 2022, February 28 – March 4

ASPLOS is the premier forum for interdisciplinary systems research, intersecting computer architecture, hardware and emerging technologies, programming languages and compilers, operating systems, and networking. The 27th edition of the ASPLOS conference will be in Lausanne, Switzerland. Keynote speakers are ACM Breakthrough in Computing Award recipient Michael Franz, Tim Harris of Microsoft, and Phillip Stanley-Marbell of the University of Cambridge.