TURC 2023, 28—30 JULY

The ACM Turing Celebration Conference is centered on the theme of “Artificial General Intelligence, Human-Machine Symbiosis.” At the conference, domestic and foreign academic experts and professors, including ACM A.M. Turing Award winners, will share their views on cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence, and discuss the future of computing science. Keynote speakers include Andrew Chi-Chih Yao (Chinese Academy of Sciences), John Hopcroft (Cornell University), Song-Chun Zhu (Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence), and more. The conference will be held in Wuhan, China.

SIGGRAPH 2023, 6—10 August

Celebrating its 50th year as the premier conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques, the  Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques will again include both on-demand presentations and scheduled sessions celebrating advancements in production and animation, research and education, arts and design, gaming, computer graphics, digital art, animation, visual effects, machine learning, artificial intelligence, immersive and mixed realities, scientific visualization, and more. Keynote speakers will be Kathryn Kleiman (American University) and Jensen Huang (Founder, Nvidia). This event will be held in Los Angeles, California, USA. 

KDD 2023, 6—10 August

The SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining brings together researchers and practitioners from data science, data mining, knowledge discovery, large-scale data analytics, and big data. Workshops and tutorials will include “Graph Learning Benchmarks,” “Decision Intelligence and Analytics for Online Marketplaces,” “Trustworthy Transfer Learning: Transferability and Trustworthiness,” and more. Keynote speakers will be Ed Chi (Google DeepMind), Eric Horvitz (Microsoft), and Mihaela van der Schaar (University of Cambridge). The conference will be held in Long Beach, California, USA.

AIES 2023, 8—10 August

The AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society features a multidisciplinary approach to ethical concerns and challenges in AI regarding issues such as privacy, safety and security, surveillance, inequality, data handling and bias, personal agency, power relations, regulation, and workforce displacement. Invited keynote speakers are Ron Arkin (Georgia Tech), Abeba Birhane (Mozilla Foundation), Karen Levy (Cornell University), Bertram Malle (Brown University), Deborah Raji (University of California, Berkeley), and Shannon Vallor (University of Edinburgh). The conference is being held in Montreal, Canada.

DOCENG 2023, 22—25 AUGUST

The ACM Symposium on Document Engineering seeks original research papers that focus on the design, implementation, development, management, use and evaluation of advanced systems where documents and document collections play a key role. DocEng emphasizes innovative approaches to document engineering technology, use of documents and document collections in real-world applications, and novel principles, tools and processes that improve our ability to create, manage, maintain, share, and productively use these. The event is being held in Limerick, Ireland.